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NuActive may be a new name in skincare, but that hasn’t stopped it from outshining even the most well-known names.  Their new self-named eye serum, NuActive Eye Serum, is one of the most advanced, and effective formulas in existence right now.  It’s especially effective at brightening and restoring skin to pre-damage appearance.  With a reduction in wrinkle appearance, improvements in both skin hydration and dark circle appearance, and an affinity for skin friendly results, it’s a great product to have in your repertoire.  It’s easy to try, too, with a trial program that puts it among the best out there.  Ready to see if you qualify?  It’s a breeze, click the button to get started!

NuActive Serum, aside from the impressive results, also features one of the more impressive formulas we’ve had a chance to cover.  Using a great blend of natural extracts, including jojoba, plant stem cells, cucumber and a great blend of skin-nourishing amino acids, NuActive is a great complement to any skincare lineup.  But the best ingredients in the world don’t mean anything if they can’t get results.  NuActive, in a remarkable show of faith in their product, gives users a chance to experience those results themselves.  Ready to try out NuActive?  Click the button below to access the trial program.

How Does NuActive Eye Serum Work?

NuActive Eye Serum uses a few different to achieve these remarkable results.  The first part of their approach begins with reinforcing and repairing the skin.  Using a great peptide named Palmitoyl Tripeptide-3, it’s able to help improve moisture retention in the dermal layers.  That moisture retention comes in handy with the next phase, moisturizing!  Moisturizing isn’t anything new in skincare, but when it’s combined with the first phase of NuActive, you get more impressive, and sustainable, results.  The third and final phase of ingredients for NuActive is what we called the preventative group.  They’re using a series of Amino Acids and anti-oxidant rich extracts to help prevent incoming damage, which helps to improve skin appearance dramatically.

Why Use NuActive Serum?

If you need some substance to back up all the buzz surrounding NuActive Serum, then you’re in luck.  Some products get propped up by high-level marketing efforts, and some get genuinely accurate buzz from the product itself.  NuActive is solidly placed in the second camp, as it proves again and again to get results for people.  But looking for reviews for NuActive serum hasn’t been exactly easy.  We’re going to go ahead and blame it on how new the product is.  We think, and this is just a guess, that they used an early release program to help generate some buzz.  Speaking of early releases, if you want to get a bottle to try while the trial is still live, head down to the bottom of the page and click the banner.

NuActive Serum Benefits:

  • Great For Moisturizing!
  • Get Results Quickly!
  • Works Great On Wrinkles!
  • Fight Back Against Dark Circles!
  • New Trial Program Available!

NuActive Serum Ingredients

We were really happy when we heard that NuActive released their full ingredient list for NuActive Serum.  But in a surprising turn, we were even happier when we saw what they were using.  It’s a water-based formula, which is something we look for, and it’s using a great blend of ingredients.  In fact, the second most prevalent ingredient is Aloe.  Considering that most products will feature an oil-based ingredient in that spot, it’s a welcome change.   Add to that a general concentration on natural ingredients, and  a nice peptide high up in the charts, and it’s a formula worth paying attention to.

NuActive Eye Serum Trial Program

The trial program for NewActive Serum is one of the few we’ll actually recommend to people.  Most trials will lie to you, and say it’s “free”, and then turn around and charge you for something.  Nu Active is up front about the charge for their trial, and because it’s only used to cover shipping, it’s pretty reasonable.  The shipping charge is $4.99, which gets a bottle shipped to you.  From the day you order, you have 14 days to try the product.  So if you haven’t received the product within that time, it’s still on you to cancel the trial.   That said, we’ve heard good reports about their customer service, so it shouldn’t be an issue dealing with them if necessary.  Ready to get a bottle of this great new serum?  Click the banner below to order yours today!

NuActive Eye Serum

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NuActive Eye Serum
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